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Reflecting on NoDesk’s five year journey to advance remote work.

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Photo by Sophie Elvis.

This past July, NoDesk turned five.

As part of this milestone, I want to reflect on how and why NoDesk came to be, what’s changed over the years, and talk about what’s next as we all look towards the future of work.

The beginning

I created NoDesk to be a free and accessible resource on digital nomads and remote work.

I had transitioned to remote work and felt there was a need for a resource that provided curated information, resources, and job opportunities for digital nomads and remote workers.

As I’m a proponent on learning by doing, this became an opportunity to…

A volatile crypto market, high-profile layoffs, the creation of new blockchain jobs, the growth of DeFi and an increased awareness of Bitcoin.

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Last year, the crypto job market felt different, but overall it was a good different.

2019 was characterized by a volatile cryptocurrency market, a succession of high-profile layoffs, but also the creation of new blockchain jobs, the growth of Decentralized Finance, and increased awareness of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Layoffs

There were high-profile layoffs at cryptocurrency companies that began at the end of 2018 and continued throughout 2019.

The reasons cited for the layoffs were regulatory concerns, market conditions, and the need to streamline operations to refocus on profitability.

ConsenSys, a blockchain venture production studio, announced a strategy shift to streamline its business, which…

Help people in need around the world, and support the causes you care about. Make a donation in crypto to a nonprofit.

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Over the past few years, a few nonprofits have been early adopters and accepted donations in cryptocurrency.

Save the Children was one of the first nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency in 2013, and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was the first major charity in the UK to accept bitcoin donations.

Fidelity Charitable began to accept cryptocurrency in 2015, and donors have contributed $106 million since then.

It’s also been two years since the Pineapple Fund was created by an anonymous donor, Pine, as an experiment in cryptocurrency philanthropy. Pine donated 5104 bitcoins, at a value of $55 million, to 60 charities…

Blockchain salaries have risen to be among the highest in the tech industry.

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

The demand for blockchain talent is still strong. Despite the bear market and recent industry layoffs, the number of blockchain job postings have been on the rise, and searches for roles involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain and cryptocurrency have increased.

Startups are offering top compensation packages, in particular for blockchain developers, as they compete for talent in an industry where supply is limited. The demand for blockchain talent has also grown as established companies, such as Amazon, Facebook and IBM, launch new teams to work on blockchain technology, and explore blockchain use cases.

Blockchain salaries have risen to be among the…

The stories that defined 2018 when the digital nomad went mainstream, and remote work became the future of work

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Illustration by Katerina Limpitsouni on unDraw

Last year on NODESK, I featured 448 articles on digital nomads and remote work, as well as the occasional offbeat piece. These were the favourites as measured by a combination of what the NODESK audience most enjoyed reading and sharing, and which stories I found most interesting.

Following the one year anniversary of Cryptocurrency Jobs, I put together a thread on Twitter about the state of the blockchain and cryptocurrency job market. This post is a modified version of that thread.

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1/ Blockchain and crypto jobs are in great demand despite prices being down from their all time highs. Demand is actually growing. This seems to indicate that people are interested in the technology and ecosystem, not just prices.

2/ Since launch, Cryptocurrency Jobs has featured over 1100 blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs at 400+ companies and startups across 100+ cities and 50+ countries.

3/ Jobs distributed across…

A Product Hunt Maker Success Story

This is the second part in a two-part series. You can read the first part here.

A year has now passed since I learned to code.

My goal was never to transition into a developer, but to acquire a skill-set that would enable me to understand code and actualise my ideas. It has been as much a process of demystifying technology — “How does that work? Is it difficult to build something like this? What technology do I need to do that?” — as learning how to learn.

The process of learning to code has been challenging, and at times…

My background is in business and apart from being intellectually curious and interested in technology, I have no previous programming, database or web design experience. Like most non-techies, I have lots of ideas (of varying quality), but lacked the technical know-how to execute and develop a minimum viable product (MVP) without outsourcing the technology.

As a non-technical founder, you can easily persuade yourself that your knowledge is the core product and technology is only a vehicle, and thus can be outsourced. Unfortunately, this reasoning will more often than not create an undesired outcome — months of interviewing software development houses…

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