Only focusing ultimate motivators may harmful in your journey to success

“silhouette of a man walking along field leading to the mountain” by Aneta Ivanova on Unsplash

The Problem

Constantly looking at the top level people/firms in your fields may lead you two serious problems. One is, you may feel less confident as they have set the higher benchmark and Second is, you may not feel important to join the things surrounding you as they may not meet your expectation set in your mind seeing the top levels.

Yesterday I had a call with one my friend, Sagar Raythatha for the New Year Wishes(It was a Gujarati New Year in India). He is also our guide for the finance and strategy in Red Software. We end up discussing the above mistake we were making since last one year and just wanted to share the same.

Me with problem #1

Following celebrities in my field (Programming, Entrepreneurship) on Twitter, I set a very high standard in my mind. In Red Software, we divided our roles and partners decided to give me a role of CEO. From day one, I was always worried about that word ‘CEO’, will I be able to justify it or not. And that was just because when the word CEO I hear, I see Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg etc. Keeping their standards, life and strategy, there is no way you will find the confidence to be called CEO even though you are doing awesome at your organization level.

Me with problem #2

Second thing is, while seeing management/products of organizations at your level you may feel it's not good enough to follow or engage with. Here also that same thing, the standards set due to the top organizations restrict you.

So you end up being in a situation where you won’t be able to take ownership or start something new and also won’t be able to at least achieve the things the people around you achieve.

Nowadays I started feeling like the people who don’t know the standards of the top level company or not reading out that much about them, making good progress. Because they are confident enough whatever they are doing and believe its the best things they are doing. At least by that, they start doing quickly, fails quickly and starts the new things quickly.

The Solution

Thinking the solution for the problem the following idea came to my mind

Get some confidence seeing your surrounding and lift yourself up towards your motivators.

I think that would be the better way. You will be encouraged as for the next step you only want to achieve what others are achieving around you just make sure whether it’s in the direction of your ultimate motivators or not.

Would love to know your thoughts on the same, Thank You.