3TON Partnerships with Synapse Network!

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3TON established a strategic partnership with the Synapse Network - an all-in-one ecosystem of products dedicated to early-stage projects, to bring unparalleled value to the company and expand our vision.

  1. How does the crypto space work in a time of bear market?

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The crypto space now

When the bear market hits the floor, it's harder to get the capital.
Before, even 1 year ago, you could invest in every doge baby shiba stuff shitcoin and still earn.

This era is over.
Now, investors are more conscious and looking for long-term investments that will bring sustainable ROI in the following decades.

Pop-quiz: What determines that projects stay on the market for many years?

Yep, you get it. Repeat after us:
Re-ve-nue. Cash-flow. True biz!

Our market research showed that people are looking for significant investments in the bear market. Still, this time they aim for profitable businesses, not for hype tokens without any fundamental value.

The same thing goes for VCs and crypto launchpads — they want to incubate early-stage companies with ambitious founders and month-to-month profits.

Key takeaway: the awareness of investors has changed. And that’s good information for 3TON.

What are we building?

Inside the 3TON project, we are building an advanced social investment platform based on Artificial Intelligence 3.0.

In other words, we are building a social trading platform (like Zulu Trading or e-Toro), where retail & institutional investors can gain profits on AI & ML algorithms successfully managing their portfolios.

As a company, 3TON earns revenue on commissions, profit-sharing, and spread return[1] . That’s the status for the upcoming months. In the future, we will add more income streams, like own ETF, VC Fund, and Launchpad.

Check the previous articles on our medium account, so you can get a helicopter view of our revenue streams, 3TON uniqueness, business model etc.

3TON x Synapse Network

We announced a strategic partnership with Synapse Network. They are an OG all-in-one crypto company that helps early-stage web3 projects to exist in the space.

In addition to their $SNP token, they do a bunch of operational things daily:

  1. Launchpad - a platform that fulfils various crypto and blockchain-based projects to raise sufficient capital, with $15M in funds raised, 37 successfully incubated projects and 2% acceptance rate.

Synapse Network will help us in terms of advisory (to successfully and profitably operate in the crypto space), blockchain development (to write needed smart contracts) and gathering funding (to expand the 3TON vision and bring our idea to life).

“3TON is one of the few projects in the web3 niche with an accurate business model, people with experience and profits in the background. As we wrote in one of the previous articles, we want to invest in businesses, not hype projects. Ambitious plans, the 3TON ETF and token security issuance plans made us support their growth on the Synapse Launchpad.
Founder & co-CEO of the Synapse Network, Paweł Łaskarzewski

“We are happy to work with such experienced companies like Synapse. We believe that with their years of experience in the crypto niche and huge social media marketing background, we will realize our vision for the project. 3TON wants to help thousands of investors to successfully operate on the crypto market via our platform”
CEO of 3TON, Michał Bialecki

Bottom line

To the point from the first paragraph — 3TON won’t be another altcoin without the token utility, smart-designed token economy and proper business model. We are building a company with the token as a part of the comprehensive firm. 3TON will serve clients daily and earn actual revenue, which (at the endpoint), would be shared with token holders.

Fasten the seatbelts. In Q3 or Q4 2022, you will see the $3TON token on the Synapse Launchpad.


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Artificial Intelligence 3.0 | Cutting-edge automated social trading services and proprietary desk | Aggressive deflationary token #3TON

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Artificial Intelligence 3.0 | Cutting-edge automated social trading services and proprietary desk | Aggressive deflationary token #3TON