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Team 3Tribes

To our amazing 3Tribes community,

This is a giant THANK YOU from every single member of staff at 3Tribes. The wave of love and support has been overwhelming and we just want you all to know we feel it.

To all of our members who have decided to continue their membership we just want to tell you how much we appreciate it.

To the people who have jumped into the online classes, you have been brilliant.

For all of the incredible messages on social media, your encouragement has kept us going.

This tribe will not break, we will continue to move together in new ways.

From every single one of us,


Dan Percival, Founder 3Tribes would like to hear from you!

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Image Credit: Nicola Baster

If you are a local business or you know the owner of a local small/medium business in the North London area please direct them to this link.

My name is Daniel Percival, owner of the 3Tribes boutique fitness brand. I would like to call a meeting for all independent business owners in the N8 area.

The purpose of that meeting is the following:

  • To create an information feedback loop as a business community so we can move quickly and decisively.
  • Better understand how we can help our community.
  • Understand what…

Unprecedented times means difficult decisions have to be made. But as the studio doors close, our online community begins to thrive.

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Over recent weeks we have been following all updated advice on Covid-19 and making changes to our studios in line with government guidelines.

Our position was always to continue to support our community through these unprecedented times. We agreed to remain open whilst we felt it was safe and a benefit to our members.

With the government’s announcement last night, we decided that it was now time to close the doors. All studios will be closed as of Thursday 19th March 2020.

For your existing reservations, we will return these classes. Additionally all class packages and memberships will be adjusted to reflect the duration of these closures.

A letter to the 3Tribes community from Founder, Dan Percival. How testing times means community (albeit at distance) is more important than ever.

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Image Credit: Nick Fewings

Hello 3Tribes, hello to the fitness community

My name is Daniel Percival and I am the Founder of 3Tribes.

I want to start this letter by thanking the 3Tribes community of staff and clients through this uncertainty. I am very honoured to have the support from every one of you reading this.

Our aim is to keep 3Tribes open and to work in a revised fashion to make sure we are offering and supporting our clients in…

Spin instructor Louise Ripley-Duggan talks us through her experience leading a class, supporting people in their personal journey and being part of the tribe.

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Image Anon.

In late 2017, I was working a full-time job as an assistant in a small talent agency. The opportunities were huge and the career path was exactly what I wanted, but after two years, my employers were still unable to pay me a living wage. My savings were spent, and I realised that I was going to have to come up with a second revenue stream to continue paying my rent.

I was already in the…

The simple truth about the latest health buzzword.

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Image credit: Caroline Attwood

I was wandering out of my local newsagent last night and something caught my eye. A Mars bar. Placed where it always is, amidst a sea of other sweets, chewing gum and chocolate bars. There was nothing out of the ordinary about this particular Mars Bar, except for one thing; the word “PROTEIN” was emblazoned across it.

A miracle. Suddenly the most famous chocolate bar in the world had become a health supplement. It was a truly amazing turn of events.

The word protein is suddenly everywhere and on everything. Protein is…

Floatation tanks are renowned for providing deep relaxation and space for meditation. During my third trimester I was floating every week — below are a few of my personal observations.

‘Find Stillness’ a film created by 3Tribes to help others understand the benefits of sensory deprivation.

During my pregnancy research, I learnt about the importance of breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques to achieve a (fingers crossed!) stress free birth. I had tried floatation for relaxation when I was 18 and had loved the experience — remembering the weightlessness of my body I thought this would feel amazing and being able to lie on my back would be a luxury! …

10 years since I jumped into my entrepreneurial journey, the life of a businessman has profoundly changed me. What follows are a few of the deeper lessons learnt in those early days.

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Hot Yoga, 3Tribes Borough

10 years ago, I was a broken man. Returning to London with shattered dreams and empty pockets from a gruelling season of auditions in the City of Angels, LA, I had come to a damning conclusion regarding my lifelong dream to be a professional actor.

I was never going to be Robert De Niro.

Whether the reason for my lack of success was a lack of talent or a lack of luck, I no longer cared. …

3Tribes London

3Tribes is an independent wellness brand with 3 boutique studios across London. We believe in the power of community — strengthening the body and mind together.

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