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I have drifted away from reading most design articles and rarely visit inspiration blogs.

My love of design is still there, but the consumption of online resources about design has gone away. While my attitude around this was largely ambivalent, I did want to explore why this has happened and…

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Recently, I have been thinking about how my process has evolved over the years and how I have been spending less time becoming technically proficient in the newer UX design tools

I wrote this post to help me map how my creative process evolved and evaluate why the evolution happened.

School and my first few marketing roles

Part 2

In the last post we covered how to design AI for your users. Now we are going to shift to some techniques that have helped me speed up the internal ideation and design process. …

We all have come across products using (or claiming to use) artificial intelligence as a driving force of the cool tech beneath it. This promise of optimization has led to an explosion in AI driven products and features as people seek to harness the new power it provides. …

Joe Veltkamp

Montana born. Taught by Grizzlies. Currently designing and drawing things in San Francisco. Product Design at Aible, prev. Salesforce Einstein.

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