Hello Community!

We were radio-silent for quite some time, but our work never stopped. Many important things happened during the last nine months.

The 3WM group has made changes at several levels, this reorganization combined with the period of COVID has led us to the following results:

- Change of shareholding: Switzerland-based NDCS 3WM foundation is now the majority shareholder of the group. The foundation is dedicated to the environment.

- Reorganization and reinforcement of the teams of the 3WM group and its subsidiaries around the world.

- Creation of several subsidiaries around the world dedicated to the promotion of 3WM environmental solutions and projects by country or by a group of countries:

• 3WM ECO DIGESTER a company based in France dedicated to the technologies for organic waste treatment.
• 3WM MOROCCO is a company based in Morroco dedicated to projects in the North Africa Market.
• LOGMED GROUP is a company in Switzerland dedicated to technologies for contaminated medical waste disinfection and treatment.

- Membership of new structures in our ECO TECH CENTER in Pulversheim France.
- Integration of new ecological solutions, technologies, and innovations in 3WM, including LOGWATER ERIS, 3WM ECO DIGESTER, new water treatment systems, and many other things.
- Signing of new partnerships with new structures and companies for the use of the 3WM token.
- Launch of the Development of the 3WM platform marketplace accepting 3WM Token for the 3WM products.

3WM is a global industrial project dedicated to protecting the environment and improving living conditions. Our ambition is to revolutionize the way we manage waste and plastics, the way we treat water, the way we move, by creating the world’s largest network of bioenergy plants and the world’s first green intelligence network.

3WM develops innovative solutions and supports companies that provide solutions for the environment while enabling climate stakeholders to monetize their actions in favor of the environment and the climate through a crypto-currency dedicated to the circular economy in 4 domains: Waste — Water — Autarky — Mobility.

Among our plans are:
- Creating a world 1st plant network of waste & plastic to energy revolutionary plants powered by a world unique patented process with a render of 97% and without any use of external energy or any kind of pollution or rejection.
- Transforming plastic waste into energy
- Letting people exchange waste and plastic and/or their ecological actions with 3WM Tokens.
- Developing innovative ecotechnologies of the future. Invest or/and recover a large number of new waste, water, mobility technologies.
- Creating a world network of Eco-Tech Centers. Those centers will welcome and enhance a selection of the finest green tech companies. The first one is now live in France.

We hope you’re as much excited about what’s coming next as we are!
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3WM develops innovative solutions & supports companies that bring big improvements to the environment through a cryptocurrency dedicated to the circular economy