Ask. Answer. Transform!

Ask. Answer. Transform!

🌏3WM provides an unprecedented response. It’s a concrete project, carrier for the future of the planet, and profitable for its investors:

⚡️ We transform 100% of the waste into bio-energies by developing the first worldwide network of clean, autonomous factories processing plastic and human-activity waste (plastics, organic material, medical supplies) and creating electricity, biogas, heat, and biofuel.
⚡️We create a virtuous circle of decontamination by rewarding participants with 3WM tokens for environmental actions such as waste collection, green mobility, and all other eco-actions favoring the environment.
⚡️We drink water and make it accessible to the most and the poorest people
⚡️We improve transportation modes to ever lower CO2 emissions.
⚡️We created the first global network of 10 eco-tech centers (ETC) dedicated to the protection of the environment and real pools dedicated to the acceleration of the best global green tech, research, sharing, and investment.
⚡️We create local economic and social value and generate a very large number of direct and indirect jobs.


3WM develops innovative solutions & supports companies that bring big improvements to the environment through a cryptocurrency dedicated to the circular economy

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