How Does Global Industry Affect the Environment?

How Does Global Industry Affect the Environment?

The problem of global industry’s influence on the environment is frightening. Metallurgical, energy, chemical, and other plants cause serious damage to the environment. In view of this, a new field has appeared: industrial ecology. It studies the relationship between global industry and the natural environment. It considers the state of the atmosphere, water, soil, and other characteristics in a particular territory. It also examines how the enterprise affects the ecology of nearby settlements.


The transportation industry is a significant production unit. Without transportation, the work of modern industry is not possible.

The transportation industry produces two main forms of influence on the world around us:

  • Vehicles
  • Communication lines

Transportation networks include roads, railways, pipelines, and airfields. Significant areas are needed to place communication lines. During construction, people destroy the soil.

The main source of pollution currently is road transportation. Exhaust gases include harmful elements, such as nitrogen, carbon oxides, and lead. Some of the substances released into nature are characterized by mutagenicity. To combat such pollution, scientists are trying to develop new technologies.

It is important to introduce new modes of transportation that have a much smaller impact on the environment. It is also necessary to properly control the lines and switch to more environmentally friendly forms of fuel.

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