How Does Global Industry Affect the Environment?

How Does Global Industry Affect the Environment?

The problem of global industry’s influence on the environment is frightening. Metallurgical, energy, chemical, and other plants cause serious damage to the environment. In view of this, a new field has appeared: industrial ecology. It studies the relationship between global industry and the natural environment. It considers the state of the atmosphere, water, soil, and other characteristics in a particular territory. It also examines how the enterprise affects the ecology of nearby settlements.


Our current situation has led to environmental disasters due to personal negligence or wear and tear of equipment. Funds that could be saved by preventing accidents can be used to restore the fuel and energy complex. This would help to greatly reduce the level of energy intensity in the economy.

The misuse of natural resources damages the planet. To analyze the main measures needed to combat pollution, we must compare the results of economic activities and the environmental friendliness of industrial products and production technologies. This work requires financial investments from enterprises, which is important to put in the production plan.

Plants must differentiate the costs into three branches:

  • Production costs
  • Environmental costs
  • The cost of an adequate level of safety or replacing a product with a more environmentally friendly one

Be safe, wash your hands, and take care about our planet!

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