Lockdown lessons for the environment

The Covid-19 pandemic changed our life immensely, making us live through the lockdown. This time allowed us to reevaluate many things, including our relationship with nature.

First of all, our consumption patterns changed. People couldn’t shop as much, reducing the accumulation of waste.

More time at home led to more time spent on meal preparation and fewer takeaways or ready meals. The lockdown also inspired many people to switch to plant-based diets.

Working and learning from home has made us more adaptable and resilient to future events. After the first lockdown, many continued to see benefits in working and studying from home, and now the demand for parking has fallen considerably. For the same reason, there’s much less traffic on the streets, and people tend to enjoy active, zero-carbon, modes of transport.

The main thing is to keep it going like that, and the reduction will only last for this year and has come at immense economic and human costs. Most people are eager for the world economy to revive. Unfortunately, new data published in the journal “Nature” show that China’s emissions returned to pre-pandemic levels in mid-May, and the U.S., India, EU, and most of the rest of the world will likely soon follow suit.

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