Refuse What You Don’t Need

Refuse What You Don’t Need

🌿It’s time for the next lesson in our “What Zero Waste Stands For” series.

Last time, we introduced the five R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot. Today, we will focus on the first one.

Refuse what you don’t need.

Sometimes people do not understand why we do not want this or that object. Therefore, we advise you first to refuse all these objects with your most sincere smile and a polite, “No, thank you.”

❌Here is a list of things you can start refusing

➖ Plastic bags
➖ Flyers and business cards
➖ Samples
➖ Checks
➖ Gift bags
➖ Plastic straws in juices, smoothies, and other drinks
➖ Disposable coffee cups
➖ Plastic toothbrushes
➖ Disposable plastic drink bottles
➖ Cotton buds

Tell us what you already refuse and how other people react!

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