The Five R’s: Recycle


By applying the first three of the five R rules, you may still come to the conclusion that an item needs to be thrown away. In that case, follow the fourth rule and recycle the item.

Almost 90% of all household garbage can be recycled. Paper, glass, cardboard, tin cans, plastic packaging, bags, rubber products, batteries, fluorescent lamps, clothes, shoes, and much more can all be recycled. But how do you know where to take your items for recycling?

Every city has recycling reception points. Ask on websites or eco-community groups where and how you can recycle certain objects. Perhaps a recycling site with a separate collection bin is located in your neighborhood. There you will find a starting point to learn where to recycle in your city and whether your items are accepted at all.

Recycling is not garbage. It’s valuable raw materials that bring money to companies collecting and processing it into a new product. We can become a part of this monetary cycle.

3WM develops innovative solutions & supports companies that bring big improvements to the environment through a cryptocurrency dedicated to the circular economy

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