Today, we will talk about the third rule of zero waste: reuse or use things differently. In our opinion, this rule is the most creative one of all.

No matter how much we want to make our home as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible, we must remember that it is much more important to use everything we already have. If you already have a thermos at home, then don’t buy a new one. If you have plastic containers, use them for as long as possible before replacing them with more eco-friendly options.

When you look through your stuff, think about how you can use it in another way. Old towels can be cut into rags, while cotton and linen items can become wonderful napkins. One of my recent eco-Frankensteins is a sprayer assembled in pieces. The old plastic container began to leak along the seam, but I was able to screw the mechanism onto a glass bottle of cider.

Clothes and shoes can always be given to charity, and when we think about buying new items of clothing, consider second-hand options.

If you look at this rule more globally, reusing materials is also very much about giving these items “a new life.” Our favorite topic right now is #upcycle — that is, creating something new out of something old, such as furniture, clothes, accessories, and lamps.

The reuse rule stimulates us to come up with new ideas and new businesses. It’s so cool when your business is stylish and helps the planet, too!

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