The Five R’s: Rot

Today, we will talk about the fifth rule of zero waste: rot, or compost.

The Five R’s: Rot

Composting is an equally important rule of zero waste. The essence is simple: using composting technology, you can get reduce your volume of waste by 30–40%. Organic waste makes up that much of household garbage. In addition to vegetable and fruit scraps, food residues, dried flowers, eggshells, tea bags (if made from recycled material), clean paper, and cardboard can be sent to the compost.

To put the fifth rule into practice, you must learn to separate organic matter from other garbage first. If you fear an unpleasant smell, buy a special ventilated container with a filter. The rest is a matter of technique. Choose the composting technology that’s available to you. It can be a compost pile at the cottage, a home composter, or modern food waste processing gadgets.

Are you ready to start a new life without garbage?

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