What Can Individuals Do to Protect the Environment With a Dedicated Crypto Token?

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3 min readMar 4, 2022


Waste generated by humans has been detrimental to our environment for quite some time now. Thus, the question of waste management and reprocessing is a major issue. According to a recent study, Gen Z and Millennials have a greater concern for global challenges than other generations.

Waste that is not properly recycled goes on to fill our oceans and landfills. Every year, global citizens each generate an average of 450 kg of waste that is not disposed of sustainably.

This cumulative amount of waste affects the environment in multiple ways: contributing to the worsening climate crisis, negatively impacting wildlife and the natural environment, and serving as a detriment to our very own public health. By 2100, the world’s population is projected to reach approximately 10.9 billion. This growth will have negative effects, as environmental challenges will arise alongside the scale of urban environments.

Blockchain technology could fundamentally change how natural resources and waste are valued. Hence, 3WM aims to drive widespread behavior change and help realize a truly circular economy through technologies and decentralization.

We can all easily expand your ecological responsibility. Here are a few ways to do so:

1. Foster awareness and education

The first step towards any social or cultural change is to generate awareness about necessary action. Reaching out to local schools, workshops and social groups will help spread the importance of ecological responsibility.

You can help us foster awareness and education by joining our social media channels, sharing our posts and participating in our contests. We’ve run the 3WM Global Warning Contest recently.

2. Encourage involvement

Work together with all stakeholders who share the goal of improving our environment. As part of our community, volunteers, companies, and organizations will encourage widespread ecological responsibility.

3. Actions speak louder than words

Get our community on board. Citizens are more likely to take part or support a green initiative if they see just how passionate and enthusiastic 3WM stakeholders are in their dedication to propose initiatives, products and scientific research. In witnessing our ecological policies in action on a daily basis, the community will respect a strong history of environmental care that will ultimately impress clients, providers, supporters, and investors.

4. Support local suppliers

Sourcing our materials from local suppliers cuts down on transport costs and associated fuel emissions. Locally made goods are also more likely to be made or grown in an environmentally safe manner.


Accepting our ecological responsibility is not just preaching about global warming. Rather, it involves a shift in thinking and acting that encourages sustainability and the improvement of our common environment.

There is literally no downside to making your business more eco-conscious. Even the initial investment needed to install energy efficient equipment, for example, quickly pays off.

All non-profit organizations and individuals can contribute directly by sending the fund a 3WM token on the smart contract, avoiding traditional donation opacity.

Learn more about waste management and how you can help reduce your own footprint by visiting https://3wm.io/.



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