What Do You Need to Throw Away Garbage?

You don’t need garbage bags at all! We’ll tell you why.

Our goal is to reduce waste as much as possible. That means not buying things in non-workable packaging, going to the store with your own reusable bags, and buying only things that you can recycle.

If you start sorting your garbage, you will notice how much unnecessary packaging we use. You will get three types of waste: food, which can be composted, recyclables, which can be given a second life, and non-recyclables, which will go to landfill. The most ideal situation to have no garbage at all that goes to the landfill! But you don’t have to do it all at once. Breathe!

First, food waste. Of course, in a private house with a compost bin, life is much easier. But there are ways to deal with organic matter in a big city. First, you can reduce food waste by learning how to properly hurt products , and buy only what you need. Second, organic waste can be collected and dried or frozen and then taken to a neighbor’s, parent’s, friend’s compost bin.

We believe that very soon, there will be projects to organize the city collection of organic matter and export it to farms in the region for composting into fertilizer.

Cardboard, paper, metal, glass, and (some) plastic can all be recycled, which means you can store them together in one clean container. If you still have the opportunity to store them separately, then separate them immediately.

Important! Recyclables should be clean and prepared for recycling according to the rules established by your city or recycling center. Be proactive and find instructions on how you should prepare your recyclables for processing.

What about non-recyclable waste? Write in the comments how many of these you have and how you throw them away.

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