What’s waiting for in 2120?

Let’s go on a trip to 2120 with Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown. What’s waiting for us there?

What’s waiting for in 2120?

Super-skyscrapers, bubble cities underwater, and origami furniture will all become a reality in 100 years. But how exactly will technology change the world? Let’s make some predictions!


Super-skyscrapers: Carbon nanotubes and diamond nanofilaments will help people create giant megastructures that will eclipse today’s skyscrapers.

Houses underground: Just as we build up, people in 100 years will also dig down. Huge structures will tunnel 25 floors deep or more.

Underwater cities: Most likely, underwater cities will become a reality. People will use the water itself to create a breathable atmosphere and produce hydrogen fuel during this process.


Personal flying drones replacing cars: The population will travel along sky highways in their own cars.


3D printed houses and furniture: People will be able to print accurate copies of large-scale structures, such as houses, from local, recyclable materials.

Flexible smart walls: Smart walls will mean you don’t have to decorate your home. The LED surfaces of the rooms will adapt to your mood.


3D printed food: When it comes to entertainment, there will be no more spoiled food or pizza delivery. Instead, the population will load dishes from famous chefs that will adapt to personal needs. People will be able to 3D print a banquet or favorite cake in a matter of minutes.


Virtual meetings: Working life will be transformed using holograms that will allow you to attend meetings virtually without leaving home.


Virtual Diagnosis: By stepping into the home health center, doctors will confirm whether people are really sick by making a digital diagnosis and providing medicine or a remote surgeon, if necessary.


Dear Elon Musk, people colonize space: First the moon, and then Mars!

Do you believe in such a future?

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