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“I can walk from Cornaga Avenue to Beach 20th and do most of my shopping. I try to shop local and I believe in it…You sort of know the owners of the businesses and they know you… So it’s really like a village, like a small town.”
— Far Rockaway Resident

By Isabella Gady and Paula Kawakami

Situated at the eastern head of the Rockaway Peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean bordering its southern edge, the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens was once a booming resort destination that has since faced decades of disinvestment and rising ecological challenges. New York City…

As individuals and organizations, our underlying capacity for creative adaptation and learning forms a core pillar of our ability to foster smarter response, recovery, and ultimately longer-term resilience and transformation. Sitting within this context, 3x3 launched its ‘Temporality’ series with ‘Pressing Pause’ a prototype workshop to understand what influences our ability to respond strategically under extreme stressor events and explore avenues to strengthen individual and collective creative adaptation. Our next session ‘Fast Forward’ will explore what lies ahead, asking how might we carry forward learnings from this crisis to shape future narratives.

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.”

— Margaret J. Wheatley

COVID-19 has put Margaret J. Wheatley's words to…


We co-design just and equitable futures:

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