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I don’t understand this line of criticism. What is this unicorn crime drama show that destroys everything in its wake, standing alone as unique? All good fiction borrows or adheres to some trend, genre or pastiche. But that’s not even the problem here. This is lazily suggesting that the show somehow failed us, because it didn’t live up to the ideal standard of fantastic canonical TV (which is absurd anyway), and because it mismananged its chance to become a better allegory of the allegory it ended up being about. Yes, the kiss sequence was kind of lame, but the rants about the role of Chandra and, even worse, black suspects, is extremely shortsighted. As a piece of fiction the show had its flaws, but it was fantastic entertainment. That you feel the need to feel let down is fine, but to come with this weird essay that problematizes a fictional story into forced larger narratives is endemic of the internet’s ‘problem’ culture. Yes, let’s address the role of women and minorities in TV, but this one here is not the place to start.

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