Dreams and Strategies

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them”
— Henry David Thoreau

For the past seven months, we have had the opportunity to listen to a lot of stories about what dreams people had before deciding to leave their home for Sweden and what people dream about when it comes to starting a new life here in Sweden.

One thing that keeps coming back is a willingness to provide for the society and finding a job. To give back. Both to society and to be able to provide for ones family. It felt like a problem that was both solvable and worthy of solving. A first job is often the key to opening up the other doors to society.

From experience, the problem is not vision and dreams. Most people have some kind of preferable state in the future that they would like to experience. Call it a goal, vision or dream. Most people know what they prefer their future to look like. At least in a broad sense. Like preferring employment before unemployment. However, the problem is oftentimes regarding strategy.

During the last months, we have been asking how people are searching for jobs. What strategies they are using today. The by far most common strategy is to look at job ads and then apply with a CV to the job ads that match. Virtually everyone is using this strategy. But, statistics shows that only 7.6 % have found their current job this way. It is easy how this gets problematic. Most people use a strategy that is not very efficient and that is not a big part of the job market to begin with.

We want to change that. Our approach is simply this — find the best strategies for finding jobs and help people to understand and implement these strategies. We want to help you build foundations to your castles in the sky.

Here is an example. Instead of hunting for jobs on job bards, one person that signed up at 400contacts was advised to connect to people in his industry on LinkedIn and managed to get a job from connecting to 15 employers. Pretty efficient strategy. We are not saying that this will hold true for everyone. But there are way more efficient ways to finding a job then to apply for jobs at job boards.

So, this is what the eight-week program is about. Learning efficient strategies and methods to finding a job. Out of the first group of people, 80 % came back after having done the first week in that program. It is really exciting to see how people are coming back and also see that people are learning how to job hunt more efficiently.

If you are interested in trying us out, feel free to do so by clicking here. Hope to see you soon in the program.

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