Eight Steps to Finding Hidden Jobs

A huge part of the job market is hidden and not seen on job boards. Here is eight steps you can use to find hidden opportunities in companies that are not posting their positions:

  1. Go to LinkedIn
  2. Search for “your title + city you want to work in”. Example:

In this search, we can see that there are 517 people in Stockholm alone that has the words “construction engineer” in their profile. Cool!

3. Look at these search results and make a list. Write down names of the companies where these people have worked and where they are working currently.

4. On your list, Google the first company name:

5. Go to the website of the company.

6. Read about the company. If the site is in a language you cannot understand, feel free to use Google Translate. When reading, think about one question:

For this business, what value can I deliver with my skills and experience?

7. When you have a clear idea about what value you can provide, send a very targeted email to the CEO or HR manager of the company. In the email:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain what value you can provide for them.
  • Ask them about some of their current challenges that they are having. Offer to solve one of those challenges.

This approach will work best with companies with less than 30 employees which is a majority of the companies in Sweden.

8. Go back to point 4 on this list and repeat.