45+ Easy and Trending Beautiful Mehndi Designs For All Occassions

What is Mehndi Design?

Mehndi is the traditional Indian art of Henna body art. It was originally reserved for weddings and other celebratory events, but it has become a popular form of self-expression for both men and women.

Origin and History of Mehndi

The roots of Mehndi Design can be traced back to ancient India. To this day, some people think Mehndi is only for special occasions like weddings and religious ceremonies. But its popularity has grown in recent years; you’ll find casual Mehndi enthusiasts who use it for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.

Mehndi in Modern Society

Shimmery, vibrant colors are what most people think of when they hear the word “mehndi.” It’s traditionally worn by Indian women, but it’s gaining in popularity among men in the United States.

Types of Art

Mehndi is an art form that originated in India. The word Mehndi means “decorating with henna.” It’s often called the “art of beauty.”

There are two main types of Mehndi:

- Henna Design

What to Do if You Don’t Know What To Do

If you’re interested in Mehndi, but feel insecure about designing your own Mehndi design, there are a number of different avenues you can explore.

Hire a professional

While this may seem like the most expensive option out of the three listed, it does have its advantages. Professional Mehndi artists have experience painting designs at all skill levels. They have created intricate Mehndi designs for brides to more basic ones for children’s birthday parties. If you hire a professional, they will be able to recommend which design is best suited for your event, skill level, and preferred style.

Join a class

Mehndi is not just an art form that involves paint on palms and feet. There are many other forms of Mehndi artistry that one can try their hand at including henna tattoos, mehndi lace work, and mehndi sculpture art among them! While classes are typically more expensive than hiring a professional artist to do the job for you, they provide another outlet for creativity through Mehndi. You get to play around with new designs while learning from experts in the field!


The cheapest option of the three listed here is DIY! All you need are


Mehndi Design is a form of body art originating in the Indian subcontinent. It is typically applied on women for cosmetic purposes, but can also be worn by men. Mehndi is thought to have originated in Ancient India, but it has become popular throughout the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa. The design can be elaborate and time consuming to apply.



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