Novatopia Metaverse NFT Overview

4022: Novatopia

An immersive, social, and fully crypto driven metaverse that launches players into a world full of history and lore to build, create, socialize, and engage with decentralized apps.

Craft your own journey in Novatopia by exploring, customizing and sharing your experience with friends along the way.

Play addictive minigames for real money, upgrade your room, collect rare furniture, secure prestigious name badges, attain exclusive achievements, unlock new zones, visit in game dApp marketplaces, trade at the grand exchange, and much more.

🏙 Room NFTs

It’s the year 4022 and you just purchased your first NFT that grants you access to your unique condo in the prestigious Novatopia tower ⭐️ Drawing inspiration from creative powerhouses like The Sims, Minecraft, and Habbo Hotel we enhance your in game experience to empower room creation that is fully customizable by you.

Total rooms: 11,040

📕 Properties + Rarity

📌 [Room Layouts] 60 hand crafted room layouts in the Novatopia tower. These make up the base collection and are categorized by Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4.

📌 [Background] 24 individual background textures have skillfully been assembled.

📌 [Room Number] Your room number will determine which floor you are staying on. There are a total of 200 residential floors. If you are in first room on 32 floor your room number would be 3201.

📌 [Floor Tile] Floors will have 16 options that range from carpet, concrete, metal, wood and others.

📌 [Floor Upgrades] include several premium upgrades such as LED border lights, spot lights, moldings, and others.

📌 [Walls] have 12 different selections that include, but not limited to, dry wall, concrete, metal, wood, tiles.

📌 [Wall Upgrades] are categorized into LED lights, special moldings, and border lights.

📌 [Specials] are uncommon traits that are can be added to your room such as floor to ceiling windows to view the outside world, terrarium, in-wall aquarium, bookshelves, and a vending machine are among a few options.

📌 [Color Options] at launch there will be 18 unique color options that will allow you to customize your floor and wall tiles in your room. As the game progresses you can expect new color packs to be released.


At the heart of Novatopia is the $NOVA coin. It powers the unified in-game economy that includes marketplaces, trading, furniture, room upgrades, character customizations, quest rewards, multiplayer minigames and more.

The total supply of tokens is 120M, of which 40% will be airdropped to NFT room holders, 8% to the team, 22% marketing, and 30% reserved for in-game rewards.

The team will provide initial liquidity on Uniswap and free trade will be open to everyone following the airdrop.

🥇 Team

The core Novatopia team consists of 16 industry veterans who have experience working at/for major companies including Disney, Nickelodeon, Nexon, Paramount Studio, Marvel, Fortnite, and Avatar 💪

Led by a crypto veteran, Reborn1002, his ventures have accumulated in total over $400m in market activity with multiple companies individually reaching $50M+ market capitalization. Leading community growth is TJ, the founder of RiftQ, a massive community around Riot Games. With over 200k discord members, it remains the first choice among LoL & Valorant players.

Full team bio is listed in the team section on our website.

Novatopia: 4022 mint is scheduled for 10th September 2022. More information is on our website

The full backstory and lore behind the futuristic world of Novatopia can be found here. (worth a read)

Join our growing community 🎉 Unique opportunities to earn a whitelist spot to mint your NFT room.





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4022: Novatopia

4022: Novatopia

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