Review: Lorde’s “Melodrama” LP

Do you remember the summer of 2013? If so, you probably remember “gold teeth, grey goose, tripping in the bathroom” the summer anthem that was “Royals” by Lorde. To be fair, her whole “Pure Heroine” album was a solid debut with numerous hits.

Melodrama Cover

“Melodrama” however is “Pure Meh”. To my virgin ears, if I hadn’t been appraised of the story behind “Melodrama”, it would just be an uninspired album. The mainstream doesn’t care too much about “artist integrity”, what they care about is an album that is full of “bangers”, and this album is lackluster when it comes to “bangers”.

For the last half of 2013, you couldn’t drive anywhere without “Royals” or “Team” coming on the radio. It didn’t matter if it was the local pop 100 station, or the alternative indie station, you would most likely hear “Royals”. It was an earworm.

“Melodrama” is sadly devoid of any standout tracks. The album sounds like any of the other tracks on the pop format stations, just with Lorde singing.

“Green Light” is really the only standout track on the album, but it sounds like it could of been a single off of “Pure Heroine”. It definitely could of been a collab between Elle Goulding (BTW, what happened to her?).

I feel bad for giving such a harsh review to Lorde, she is a sweet artist who is a good person. But, when I review albums, it comes from an objective point of view. I have to review albums for what they are worth. I doubt you are reading this Lorde, but I am sorry none-the-less.

The album is not bad by any means, it just doesn’t have any surprises contained within the tracklist. Nothing that is exciting and that is why it is only getting 3 stars out of 5. It’s just really “Meh, this is alright”.

3 out of 5 stars