A promise to myself

So here’s the thing: I’m another working mom who needs to lose weight. To be honest, I’m pretty comfortable in my skin. I have a loving husband and family (which go a long way in making me comfortable in my skin), a good job, great friends. I’d love to lose weight just for aesthetic reasons, but there’s more to it than that. My family has a history of high cholesterol. I did check up blood tests in November that showed that I’m pre-diabetic. No one knows other than my husband, because honestly, there’s a sense of shame.

I’m active, I generally eat well (I think), but I need something more. I need this public shaming, as it were.

So I’ve decided to put it all out there: daily weight, sleep patterns, what I eat, what I drink, stress levels, blood tests, daily activity. Because I hope to lose 40 pounds before I’m 40. Will you help me do it? To be fair, the 40 pounds I’m hoping to lose aren’t from my weight TODAY, but from my initial weight at my November checkup: 210 pounds. GHASTLY I KNOW.

I haven’t been 170 lbs since…high school? Who remembers. It’s a long shot, but it’s worth a try. Because I’m not willing to become another number, another sufferer of Type 2 diabetes without doing anything about it. So starting tomorrow (today’s post is just a teaser yo), I’m all about the stats. And how I’m feeling. And how it’s going.

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