“AI commits suicide at 27 years old. News at 11.”
Nature of the beat

Artificial intelligence will never have what is not downloaded into it, robot or some other form…. I just read an article that stated an AI was becoming a citizen. Just like I heard a while back ago, two AI’s made up their own language to communicate. Rubish….. or maybe its wishful thinking that man can create and be a creator of the artificial intelligence and make it “think” by itself.

This isn’t possible though. Not truely. Not realistically.

Just more scifi for the imagination. Which is a feeding frenzy eyesore.

Theres a lot of misinformation out there. Just look at Orsen Wells radio version of War of the World. How many supposedly committed suicide “thinking” it was real.

We humans have a knack for the dramatic. The eeriness of scary things happening and ruling over us or killing us… Some hope it does become reality.

There lies the delima.

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