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Good Morning, I did read They Found the Secret. I’m guessing the answer is faith from the Holy Spirit. Trusting in God… I may write a overall book report. A few things I read puzzled me, made me realize why I feel the way I do, why my heart tells me to be prepared for judgement day, why and how I came across The Circle of the earth Investigation and find it extremely important…

My start on Medium was going to be about the ultimate deception of the “flat earth”…. I could not just start off on a rampage, instead I prayed about it and my goal was to prepare others the reasons why “flat earth” is important, it’s because I was taught about space before I understood God’s Word, the Bible. I really want others to understand the Bibles significant details. People must read with opened eyes. Once I feel its accomplished, I want to discuss the real earth. I have probably repeated myself on topics over and over again. Medium doesn’t appear to show the other hundred articles I’ve written, and when I search other peoples pages, I only see like the last 10 or so blogs they’ve written. ……. anyways, if the Holy Spirit is in me, why couldn’t my pastor realise the gift of true information I was telling him? The fact that private schools teach astronomy is the worst offender of God’s Bible. When I say that, I mean everything man set out to do in space is a bold-faced lie.

When you write though, I feel you are indeed a kindred spirit. With so many false religions, I feel suffocated by the wolves mocking God! They have taken over the Bookstores … I went to Barnes and Nobel with my sister and the religious content besides Bibles was prosperity preacher books. yuck! They are swarming flies and infesting, where I one time ago, could buy A.W.Towzer or Max Lucado or Lockyer.

Know what I mean?