Martin Luther of reformation (WELS)

WELS does not worship Martin Luther. Being a child who grew up in the WELS private schools and attending the Sunday School and Vacation Bible school the focus was always about the words in the Bible. We never had a Martin Luther importance dialog or a service that created us as an “ultimate” Lutheran. Calling one-self a “Lutheran” is not in any way, shape or form idolizing Martin Luther. Some people who have not looked into Lutheran Christianity twist a Lutherans accuracy by making any claim that Lutherans worship Martin Luther.

The reason I call myself a WELS is #1. WELS doesn’t seem to exist or have a voice. Looking up on google searches its sometimes seems anything WELS is non-existent. Theirs alway talk of “Christians”, but “Christian” has become a ‘hot word’. Its said from people who do NOT follow Christ…. Jesus Christ. That is extremely disturbing.

Second reason is to bring it out in the open. To share the interesting history behind it. My Grandmother on my dad’s side was a devout Mennonite when she met my Grandpa, who was a Lutheran. Their story of how they managed to date was a significant, let alone how they got married. I grew up as a Lutheran because of my Dad, my mom and her side of the family had no faith. There wasn’t any religion of any kind. They didn’t call themselves atheists because they never had heard about the Bible before, so my mother became a Lutheran because of my dad.

Because I grew up within the WELS, I can honestly tell you that I was taught all about the Bible and how important it is. There’s no reason I couldn’t have ended up being called a “Tyndalean” after William Tyndale. The protesting against the Roman Catholic church and against the Pope was a significant break that occurred. The history of Luther and his devoutness to the Bible, his dedication to the Bible and its Words verses the Church and the Pope declaring payments for a receipt out of purgatory….. the exchange of money would forgive your sins was an incredible low-life deception. That was Martin Luther’s last straw and he made it known. Martin Luther showed why he was rebelling against the church and the Pope.