Ok, can you outline an experiment that you’ve done that convinces you that the earth is flat, and…
Andrew Eddie

Take a quarter and a clear surface table or clean desk. You are going to want to kneel down so you can see the edge of the table like the horizon. If your eyes line up correctly you wont see the desk/table surface. Now take your quarter and place it upright on the table at the edge. You are going to need some help here, have the person slowly drag the quarter from the edge. This is about the sun set and sunrise. Do this slowly… as the quarter goes further away it looks like its going “down” into the desk… but its not. Its simply continuing its motion course. There’s a lot more than this… the globe doesn’t work on so many levels. Do you have a globe? I can show you more… it’ll be tricky to talk it out, but I will try.

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