What Would You Do If You Had A Million Dollars?

My 10 year old son has asked me this question. He has seen the news bits on lottery numbers and how high the pot is, no winner has claimed it this week and the numbers go higher. “What would you do? What would you buy?” he asks waiting to hear my list of desires.

Sometimes I just hug him and say,”I don’t need that kind of money. Why don’t you ask your Tia”.

Sometimes I tell him that wanting all that money doesn’t do me any good because its all pretend, I am too old for pretending.

So my son lists off he would buy a big house where all of the family could live (that includes a few relatives that live in Michigan), we would all be close and have acres and acres so there’s room to run and do whatever we want.

That sounds like a pretty good unselfish and generous choice if he had a million dollars. “You are a very smart kid.” I told him, “Generous too…”

Lessons can be learned by both myself and my son. My son is old enough he has his ideas and opinions and he is thoughtful of others. He doesn’t want the most expensive toy or item and when we go out he usually always will get something for his brother if he asks if he can get some kind of snack.

I’ve learned that I worry way too much about how to respond to my kids questions. A zillion thoughts rush through my mind. Should I play along? Should I be strict? What if he actually thinks money’s that easy to win? When, everytime he has asked me a question, I just make it simple and be nonchalant. Be true. Keep it real.

My son has also asked me about attending a private school. They started out in private school in kindergarten, but they needed extra help which the public school supplies. Private schools hope to create extra services for kids who have more difficulties in the future. It’s not a program any private school’s have yet. He will start fourth grade and he is worried. I have tried to make sure to take every step his teacher suggested and in two days he will attend a new school. The school has his IEP, he’s been tested by the best through Children’s Hospital. I’ve got all his school things set for the “meet & greet”. He gets to ride a school bus, something I know he use to be excited about. He repeats, “Why can’t I go to a private school?”

It’s been hard. He says he really liked the private school. He likes the smaller size classroom. Didn’t mind at all the parts about learning about God. He has mentioned he has been bullied, but I think it was the teachers. He would hear them talk about him. Walk him down the hall and treat him like they were mad at him, or there was once in the hall he swung his arms up and then down really hard hitting his teacher in the leg… My son doesn’t set out to do mean things, there was a definite friction but the year was almost over.

If he get’s going into this school and can look forward to going to class everyday and liking their case manager and it rolls together where he has fun learning and trying and gets along and people like him and the school year goes smoothly… that is worth more to me then any winning lottery ticket ever could. That would be my “million”…

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