Why I Like Ben Shapiro

Sep 27, 2017 · 7 min read

Who is this guy and why am I listening?

Ben Shapiro on Baltimore Riots, Income Inequality, Racism and The BLM Movement

I have no interest in squabbling debates of I’m right/you’re wrong. When I first heard about this guy it was during a debate on a stage and not a video of the entire thing, just Ben Shapiro’s responses to blacks being victimized… what he said actually made sense. The way he starts off sounds offensive however in actuality he knows his facts. He studied facts and in took an indepth understanding of percentages of blacks incarcerated, in poverty, and also how the mindset of racism hasn’t changed or gotten worse than the 1930’s and forward. Ben states unjust killings do happen. He said making an argument over racism is not going to help or rebuild the foundation. This is very very significant. He was making the crowd think about what is really happening. I for one agree that all lives matter. Does the police have a bad rap for killing blacks? Uh, yes indeed. I lived in Milwaukee, our County Sheriff David Clarke, who has resigned recently (he started in 2002–2017) was a black man in the highest office which is sherrif. So, we have blacks in powers and still there seems to be racial neglect and tension. I listened to Ben and how he discussed changes must come from the culture… I listened to it again and again. He has valid points, he makes unbiased unracist comments of helping the black community in a different way then what was occuring at the time… what was happening? The Ferguson riots violent protests were breaking into businesses and destroying and stealing in their own community. Hense, damages were being done to their own people. Rediculous, right?

So, I wanted to know more about him. I started watching other debates he participated in, lectures he was giving at colleges, and his own show from radio/youtube.

What was his rebuttal? Was he speaking knowing what he was talking about? Did it make sense? I realized he has certain beliefs and values and a lot of what he said is right on… I believe in the Bible, so as the world changes, which I believe started from “politically correct”… Over the last fifty years, Western Europe has been conquered by the same force that earlier took over Russia, China, Germany and Italy. That force is ideology. Here, as elsewhere, ideology has inflicted enormous damage on the traditional culture it came to dominate, fracturing it everywhere and sweeping much of it away. In its place came fear, and ruin. Russia will take a generation or more to recover from Communism, if it ever can.

The ideology that has taken over Western Europe goes most commonly by the name of “Political Correctness”. Some people see it as a joke. It is not. It is deadly serious. It seeks to alter virtually all the rules, formal and informal, that govern relations among people and institutions. It wants to change behavior, thought, even the words we use. To a significant extent, it already has. Whoever or whatever controls language also controls thought. Who dares to speak of “ladies” now? Just what is “Political Correctness?” Political Correctness is in fact cultural Marxism (Cultural Communism) — Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. The Frankfurt School blended Marx with Freud, and later influences (some Fascist as well as Marxist) added linguistics to create “Critical Theory” and “deconstruction”. These in turn greatly influenced education theory, and through institutions of higher education gave birth to what we now call “Political Correctness”. The lineage is clear, and it is traceable right back to Karl Marx. Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness, shares with classical Marxism the vision of a “classless society”, i.e., a society not merely of equal opportunity, but equal condition. Since that vision contradicts human nature — because people are different, they end up unequal, regardless of the starting point — society will not accord with it unless forced. So, under both variants of Marxism, it is forced. This is the first major parallel between classical and cultural Marxism: both are totalitarian ideologies. The totalitarian nature of Political Correctness can be seen on campuses where “PC” has taken over the college: freedom of speech, of the press, and even of thought are all eliminated.

Economic Marxism and cultural Marxism have single-factor explanations of history. Classical Marxism argues that all of history was determined by ownership of the means of production. Cultural Marxism says that history is wholly explained by which groups — defined by sex, race, religion and sexual normality or abnormality — have power over which other groups. varieties of Marxism declare certain groups virtuous and others evil as without regard for the actual behaviour of individuals. Classical Marxism defines workers and peasants as virtuous and the bourgeoisie (the middle class) and other owners of capital as evil. Cultural Marxism defines all minorities, what they see as the victims: Muslims, Feminist women, homosexuals and some additional minority groups as virtuous and they view ethnic Christian European men as evil. (Cultural Marxism does not recognize the existence of non-Feminist women, and defines Muslims, Asians and Africans who reject Political Correctness as evil, just like native Christian or even atheist Europeans.). ‘Expropriation’. Economic Marxists, where they obtained power, expropriated the property of the bourgeoisie and handed it to the state, as the “representative” of the workers and the peasants. Cultural Marxists, when they gain power (including through our own government), lay penalties on native European men and others who disagree with them and give privileges to the “victim” groups they favour.

Ben Shapiro is extremely right-wing on both American domestic issues and on Israel. He admires the right-wing political figures, he pulls no punches when discussing those he dislikes. Ben Shapiro Biography:: Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” the top conservative podcast in the nation. Shapiro is the author of seven nonfiction books, including The New York Times bestseller Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America (Simon & Schuster, 2012) and national bestsellers Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth (WND Books, May 2004), Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future (Regnery, June 2005), and Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House (Thomas Nelson, 2008). Shapiro was hired by Creators Syndicate at age 17 to become the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the U.S. He earned a BA in Political Science from UCLA in 2004 and graduated from Harvard Law School in 2007. After working as an attorney for Goodwin Procter LLP, Shapiro began his own legal consulting firm, Benjamin Shapiro Legal Consulting (Los Angeles).

Ben Shapiro’s columns are printed in major newspapers and websites including Townhall, ABCNews, WorldNet Daily, Human Events, FrontPage Mag, Family Security Matters, the Riverside Press-Enterprise and the Conservative Chronicle. His columns have also appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Sun-Times, Orlando Sentinel, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, RealClearPolitics.com, Arizona Republic, and Claremont Review of Books, among others. He has been the subject of articles in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Associated Press, and Christian Science Monitor, and quoted on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” “The Dr. Laura Show,” at CBS News, in the New York Press, in the The Washington Times, and in The American Conservative magazine, among many others. Shapiro has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows around the nation, including “The O’Reilly Factor” (Fox News), “Fox and Friends” (Fox News), “In the Money” (CNN Financial), “DaySide with Linda Vester” (Fox News), “Scarborough Country” (MSNBC), “The Dennis Miller Show” (CNBC), “Fox News Live” (Fox News Channel), “Glenn Beck Show” (CNN), “Your World with Neil Cavuto” (Fox News) and “700 Club” (Christian Broadcasting Network), “The Laura Ingraham Show,” “The Michael Medved Show,” “The G. Gordon Liddy Show,” “The Rusty Humphries Show,” “The Lars Larson Show” (nationally syndicated), “The Larry Elder Show,” The Hugh Hewitt Show,” “The Dennis Prager Show,” among others.

Since he began writing his first book, Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth (2004), Shapiro has frequently addressed the issue of the Left’s ideological stranglehold on academia and has worked to push back against that trend through fact and logic-based speeches and debates. “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” has become one of Ben Shapiro’s trademark lines. He has appeared as the featured speaker at many conservative events on campuses nationwide, several of those appearances targeted by progressive and “Antifa” activists. Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, has also worked to expose the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic motivations behind the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

He has the confidence to not be weak, and has an understanding about many issues and can answer questions with facts. Facts are the key to his powerful stance on issues that the world glamorizes and embraces and becomes passive about. I have seen those who whip out and call him names instead of listening to what he actually says. I’ve seen him on shows where the host is so pathetic and has no sense of the issue to retaliate with correct truthful answers. Ben is very adamant on his beliefs and can remain steady on the issues instead of crying out, ‘That’s not fair’ response. He is an intelligent young man and he is exceedingly vigorous when debating issues.

College students need to listen and not be so whiny passive ignorant protesting jerks… it is exhausting to see inappropriate protesting when Ben has been asked to speak to a group in the college community. Protesting Ben in an auditorium where he has been asked to speak is just a stupid incompetent move… what occurs to me then is they don’t understand what they are protesting and can not respond to Ben Shapiro’s statements because they are factual and the protesters are emotional basket-cases and can’t have a back and forth debate because they don’t know how to argue the facts.

This is based on reviewing and understanding what is being said. Watching him stand powerful against ignorant protesters, against emotional arguments, against right and wrong. Not too many men out there who have the knowledge of skill he has…