When Men Want to Talk Shop
Anon XX

I enjoyed the first part, but feel like the story could benefit from a third act wherein our hero hatches some counter-troll and devises a way to work the situation to her advantage.

The explicit narrative tension revolves around discomfort created by a clod who undervalues the protagonist’s professional capabilities. This would be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction if she demonstrates some overwhelming capability, by turning the tables and taking the impertinent clod to the cleaners.

By the end she has an informal team of socially inept males doing her homework and running her professional network for her.

If this were a romantic comedy, then all that would actually be compressed into the first act. She rises to power on the strength of her cunning in the second and then meets Mr. Right — a self-made founder who sees right through her game — in the final. He calls her bluff but realizes she has just what it takes to pull the wool over on some Russian investors who turn out to be more dangerous than he thought but after a some action and drama, they fall in love. Fireworks. Wedding. And then since this is 2016 a final coda wherein the happy couple works together in a swanky downtown office. He’s the CEO. Can that be right? Aw yeah, ’cause she’s the Chairman of the Board. And there’s your title. I’ll see myself out.

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