An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I majored in English literature as well, and don’t think that’s an excuse to throw my hands up and say there’s no chance to make it in SF. I started in an entry level sales role (at Yelp, no less) for $30,000 per year. I now make roughly 4x that at another company, having learned the basics of the role and moved on. Did it happen overnight? No. To echo what others have said, complaining about not getting dinner for free (when breakfast and lunch are provided), or paying a standard $20 co-pay (when you receive free health benefits through your employer) is inexcusable. It’s also a commonly accepted standard to work in a role for a year before being eligible for a promotion. Rather than bemoaning your circumstances, think about your role in all of this and the choices you made or can still make to change your situation. Is having a roommate glamorous? No!

All I’m reading in this is “I’m making exactly the amount I signed off on, for the role I signed up for.” There’s the door…

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