Samhain 2018 Metaphysical Thoughts


Realize it or not, there is a lot going on from an energetic standpoint around this particular point in time. I realize this is always true, but this time around Samhain 2018 is especially true and potent. This is an intensity that has not been witnessed at the time of Samhain in quite a long time, but funny enough, or not, depending on your level of cynicism, people are not seeing the big picture. Hence the reason for this article. This is one of the most power twenty-four hour periods we’ve had in quite a long time, so let’s break it down, shall we?

The first publicized event is Samhain. This is a time of honoring the dead, bringing things to a close in the name of starting new cycles, and an excellent time to work with darker forces, in ourselves and in the world at large. This name and concept come to us from the Celtic traditions, and in the past, it was their New Year’s Eve/New Year. A lot of people still practice Samhain like that today, from a neo-pagan perspective, and it is one of the more popular holy days of the neo-pagan year. It is a sabbat, not an esbat, meaning it is one of the four major fire festivals, and while now it is seen on equal footing with the holy days of the equinoxes, historically that was not always the case. Samhain occurs when the Sun reaches fifteen degrees Scorpio. However, this is only true in the northern hemisphere of the planet. In the southern, this is known as the opposite festival Beltane. Beltane heralds spring and corresponds to new beginnings, so in that way, the two holy days are closely related. Beltane is about the first stirrings of spring, fertility, and all things associated with planting seeds of intention for the upcoming year. I won’t spend more time on them here because these are the two days that get the most recognition on average, so there is plenty of information to be found for the seeker.

However, there is also a new moon occurring today. Metaphysically speaking, a new moon is a time of new beginnings, cleansings, banishings, and working with the darker side of life. You can see how the new moon is enhancing both of those holy days, planetwide. It doesn’t get much better of a time than now to cleanse and prepare for new things coming your way. Coupled with the Venus retrograde in Scorpio, we can see that this is an auspicious time for internal reflection, changes, and cleansings. This is especially true from a darker perspective. For those of you that have been doing shadow work over the last two years, you could see this as the final exclamation point on what is left and what needs to go. Qabalistically speaking, this is the time of the final “Heh” in Tetragrammaton. Anything left undone? Well, this is your time to finish it. If everything has been addressed, then it is time to plan for the new, and where you’re going with it. Within the next week would be a good time to start that forward progress, too.

In addition to the astrological and neo-pagan stuff we discussed above, there are also a couple of other important ceremonies occurring today, both of them in Hinduism. The first event is that it is Kali Puja. Puja is a Sanskrit word that means ceremony, and thus we see that a Kali Puja is a sacred ceremony to Kali. Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction, but specifically destruction in order to create. She is generally known as a very fiery and harsh goddess, but she is also as compassionate. Correspondent to Tantra, Kali is the eternal mother yet tough love kind of goddess that will love you by teaching you direct lessons. Technically her festival was yesterday, the 6th of November, but I still count it as part of this great synchronicity because as most people know, when you’re talking about the flow of energy and cycles of time, there is no exact point, really. Everything is swirling and blending, and there is an orb of influence for many factors uniting. The second event is the Hindu festival of Diwali. Diwali is known as a festival of lights, and that is exactly what it addresses: light. Light represents many things, from the light of illumination all the way to the victory of light over darkness, which can manifest internally as well as externally. Diwali is happening today, in conjunction with Samhain. For those of you that are familiar with neopaganism, you will most likely see the strong parallel to Imbolc. In the context of what was said above, we see that if we align ourselves with the light of Diwali, we can move forward from a time of darkness into a time of light. This reminds us it is always darkest before the dawn, and in the case of today, we see the one star in sight, brought to us through Diwali.

The duality that is now present in front of us then is that of a time of great darkness yet of potential great light. For those that are going through hard times right now, Diwali could be a welcome breath of fresh air. Remembering that the light is on its way can be of great value to those that need it. Remember though, that while the light may start off externally, it will eventually become internal, and you will follow your own inner light to achievement and enlightenment.

And yes, wow! All of this is happening within a twenty-four hour period! Talk about intense! I encourage you to spiritually work with all of these facets in your personal growth and development today, to set the stage for where you grow from here. And don’t worry, anything you don’t get taken care of because you’re working with the light of Diwali will get resolved during the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Kali is very strong right now, as you can see from this content, so it would be wise to consider her, or deities like her, as working partners for the near future. Jai Ma Kali!