Marijuana Shatter and All You Should Definitely Know About It

The stoners seeking a heavier hit of high are moving toward “marijuana shatter”, a highly concentrated weed that has up to 80% cannabinoid content. Drug law officials are in dilemma kind of state as they don’t know how to deal with the usage of shatter simply because it is a smooth and glassy looking psychotropic substance that is heavily potent if smoked but after all, is a derivative of marijuana and hence it is not considered unsafe.

One can buy marijuana shatter online as shatter is just another form of dab and is also widely available to be purchased from several sellers on the internet. Dab and shatter are terms that are used for marijuana concentrates that is ideally produced by extracting cannabinoids — CBD & THC (psychoactive chemicals of the plant). A couple of other popular forms are ‘budder’ which is creamier and looks like wax, and ‘oil’ which is golden in color and looks just like honey.

To extract any of these forms, it involves running a solvent (generally carbon dioxide, butane or propane) through marijuana buds to bring out the strong cannabinoids, after that the solvent is evaporated and the left behind resins are collected which we call marijuana shatter.

The term “shatter” has basically come from the method of its preparation. The resin is generally cooled down into a glassy sheet; the process is similar to hardening the boiled caramel into candy.

Shatter is the most potent substance among all other concentrates. During the processing, it goes through a filtration process in order to remove naturally occurring waxes and fats. The process is responsible for making its active ingredients in extremely high values whereas regular weed contains only 5–18% of cannabinoid content. The filtration process doesn’t only make the shatter the purest form of weed but it also eliminates the dank hydrocarbons such as terpenes which make the flavor and scent in marijuana.

Smoking shatter is a finely involved process that if you seriously want to smoke it, it involves a glass pseudo-bong commonly known as a ‘rig’. You can also crumble it into a joint, but that is the most time taking and an old school process. These devices ranging from $100–200 a piece have a glass ‘nail’” where you’d generally find a bowl. Smokers heat up the nail to extreme temperatures using a butane torch then use a metal dabber to apply a ‘shatter’ ball to the nail. As a result, it creates vapors instantly and an overwhelming potential high.

One can buy marijuana shatter online from any of the reliable sellers available on the internet. There might be some smokers who live in the states where shatter is still not considered as legal. Such smokers should first know about the marijuana usage policies in their area and then place the order. Also, you should know how much shatter should be used in one go as it costs a good amount per gram.