Automatic Pipe Welding Machine Manufacturer

Youbestweld automatic pipe welding system is specially designed for straight pipe/pipe, pipe/fittings (including elbow, tee, and reducer), and pipe/weld-neck flange butt joint connection welding. This system is welding application with auto-switch TIG or MIG/MAG/SAW welding torches which is for automatic TIG welding for root pass and TIG/MIG/MAG/SAW welding fill/cap within the diameter of 2~24″ and length of 6m standard pipe.

pipe material: CS , SS , Cr

Pipe OD:2–24″

wall thickness: 3–60mm

Length of the pipes before welding: ≤ 6m

Used in workshop

Welding quality requirement: 100% X rays

Welding capacity per day: 200–250D.I