Scoops in consumer products

Consumer products frequently come with tools to help the user measure out the specific amount they are likely to need. This makes sense, especially in cases where these amounts are not well matched to the fractional cup scoops most people likely have on hand. Frustratingly, these scoops are often included directly with the rest of the product, in a manner which makes retrieving them difficult and often unpleasant.

While I have encountered this problem in bags of catfood, bags of flower, and bags of coffee as well, I most frequently experience it in cans of protein powder. The cans almost always come with a small scoop, since without one it is difficult to measure out the recommended amount of the powder. Unlike in the image above, however, the scoops are NEVER at the top of the can. Upon receiving a new container, I always dread having to reach my hand deep into the powder to retrieve the needed scoop. The powder is extremely fine, and sticks easily to the hand, which leads to a large mess once the scoop is finally retrieved.

Even after the first removal of the scoop, the problem can often recur. Because of the fine, sticky nature of the powder and its tendency to get stuck on the scoop, it is necessary to store the scoop inside of the can. Since the scoop is denser than the powder, any jostling of the container will lead to the scoop getting reburied and having to be re fished out.

Ideally, the scoop would simply not be stored inside the can, and would instead come in its own separate container. I understand that this may not be cost effective, and the issue may seem small enough that producers do not deem the solution worth it. Luckily, there is a better solution which I am certain even the most penny-pinching of producers can afford. In my most recent can of powder, the scoop was attached to the inside of the lid of the can by a small piece of tape, which cannot have cost more than a couple cents. Since these cans arrive only around ¾ full, the scoop does not even make contact with the powder, and so the tape did not become encrusted with it and lose its stickiness. This little change made a large difference in my initial reaction to the product, and I plan to continue to purchase that brand in the future. I hope other brands make a similar choice, especially since the solution is so simple and easily implemented.

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