The Interactive Advertising Bureau (in short IAB) is an advertising organization that develops industry standards, conducts research, and provides legal support for the online advertising industry. Its tech branch, the IAB Technology Laboratory, helps companies implementing those technical standards by reducing the friction with the interpretation of technical protocols, tests their platforms and evaluates compliance to IAB standards. The Technology Laboratory founding member includes companies like AppNexus, Google, PubMatic, and Yahoo.

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So far, the “ads.txt“ has been a standard only available on the web. “Ads.txt” stands for Authorized Digital Sellers that allows publishers (i.e. owner of a website) to publicly…

42matters offers data and insights that fit perfectly with the needs of Ad Networks for offering precise targeting to their advertisers. Ad Networks often lack additional information about apps registered in their system and waste valuable impressions on unsuitable audiences. Here is a short and non-exhaustive list of data points per app that can be useful in the field of adtech:

  • Officially declared app category — this is the category that app publishers choose when releasing apps on the stores. Categories vary on Google Play, Apple App Store but usually they are relatively descriptive and can narrow down targeting to…

The App Intelligence Explorer from 42matters is a versatile tool for market research and lead generation on Google Play and Apple App Store. One of the most used feature combinations is the SDK insights filter + CSV Exports and this is what we will showcase today.

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Reviews are one of the best ways to find out what users really think about apps. The only problem is that they are unstructured and it’s hard to get an overview about particular topics without scrolling through thousands of reviews.

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The ability to discover new apps that are getting traction on Google Play or Apple App Store can be extremely valuable for business. However, the sheer number of available apps makes this task impossible without having precise data about apps’ release dates, app ranks in each country and store, ratings, etc. Even if this data is available it still requires a lot of internal resources such as data scientists working together with product managers to get the solution right. Luckily 42matters offers an option that is only a few clicks away and stays up-to-date all the time.

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IAB categories are an industry standard taxonomy for content categorization. With our API for Android and iOS you can find IAB categories for every mobile app.

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