The Artist’s story

I met our interview subject 6 years ago when he gave me my second tattoo a rib piece that simply say hope. Varian is a cool guy he’s in his late 30’s, has an amazing sense of humor, and is just plain good and making people feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. So when I went to interview him 6 years after the last time I had seen him I wasn’t surprised to find he was as warm and humorous as I remembered.

I climbed hat felt like a billion stairs up to the top floor of the Beaumont studios in downtown Vancouver and into the front doors of Two Tides Tattoo Studio. It stated of pretty normal a few hello’s and how are you’s the typical. Varian then began to show me around the shop which seems to double as a museum seeing as even the chairs in the front sitting room are vintage. The whole place felt so inviting it was no surprise why so many people chose there to get inked.

Varian took me up some stairs (I use that term lightly it was more like a ladder with a hand railing) to the drawing part of the studio.

“This is where all the magic happens”

Magic was right the walls and desks were filled with beautiful pieces of art and shelves of tattoo books piled a mile high. We sat down. It was quiet when I started recording, but eventually things picked up.

Varian told me all about how he got to the point he is in now, the school, the bad jobs, the headaches but never did he give up on practicing his art.He told me of his trip to Japan, and his journey, he told me of his plans to go back. there I thought we were going to talk for only a few minutes but those few minutes turned into nearly an hour of story after story.

I left feeling happy as I always do leaving a tattoo studio but in a different way. It was nice to get a deeper connection to someone who has painted my skin and others. If you ever have the chance to speak with your local tattoo artist do, they just may have some amazing things to tell you.