LightPaper 1.0 Released

The wait is over! I started working on LightPaper on June 24, 2013 after returning from WWDC. There were few reasons why I started to work on this project:

* I got tired of working in a single document app and there.
* I got tired of all the Markdown editors assuming that with Markdown all I could do is to write blog posts. Well, I wanted to use it for other reasons — like just taking quick notes.
* I learned a lot from WWDC and I wanted to put the knowledge in practice.

You must have heard this before but to be honest I didn’t expect LightPaper to be as popular as it is now. It has made to the front page of number of tech websites including Hacker News. I guess people were tired of existing Markdown as well.

Anyway, after working on it for more than 2 and 1/2 years, LightPaper has finally reached the status of 1 point O. I’ve squashed a number of bugs in this release and added lots of new features and made bunch of improvements:


* An alternate faster and better markdown processor with full GitHub Flavored Markdown support including Task List
* Live Preview in an external window
* Zoom In/Zoom Out using `⌘+` and `⌘-`
* Full drag-and-drop support
* Create a new window by tearing off a tab
* New and exclusive themes for both the editor and the preview
* Improved Jekyll support
* Vastly and noticeably improved performance
* Improved memory consumption
* Lots and lots of memory leak fixes
* Lots and lots of bug fixes

New Features

* Complete GitHub Flavored Markdown support — this is ON by default and can be turned off (to use MultiMarkdown instead)
* Support for GitHub style Task List including auto-bulleting for tasks
* Live Preview in an external window — awesome for presentation or if you have a multi-monitor setup
* Better support for Jekyll sites — renders front matter in a table which could be hidden with a click
* Set any folder as a base folder — you can now render local images from any folder
* Zoom In/Zoom Out for both editor and external preview using ⌘+ and ⌘-
* Full Drag-and-Drop support — you can drop multiple files or folders
* Tear-off tab to create a new window
* New and exclusive LightPaper Dracula Theme for the editor
* New and exclusive LightPaper theme for the editor — this is now the default style
* New GitHub theme for preview — this is now the default style
* New icon for Markdown documents
* A lot online resources are added under Help menu
* Allow to set PDF margins for PDF export
* Allow to set line height and paragraph spacing
* Select font family and font face of your choice
* Allow to reload themes for both the editor and the preview without restarting the app
* New app icons
* You can now send us your feedback using a Feedback window

— -


* New and better looking tabs
* Updated to the latest Prism Javascript and CSS files
* High resolution retina images
* Compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite and OS X 10.11 El Capitan
* Use `⇧⌘[` and `⇧⌘]` to navigate between tabs instead of `⌥⌘ ←` and `⌥⌘ →`
* More accurate words count — based on output instead of input
* Auto-save option can now be disabled from the Preferences window
* Preview Outline feature can now be disabled from the Preferences window
* Fuzzy search algorithm is more correct and the performance has improved
* Improved Preferences window
* Vastly improved performance
* Lots of other minor improvements

— -

Bug Fixes

* Cannot update the app using `Check for Updates…` menu
* Preview cannot render MathJax
* `Quick Open` feature crashes on Yosemite and El Capitan
* App sometimes crashes when closing the last window
* A file cannot be opened after opening and closing it couple of times
* Lots of memory leak fixes
* Few links point to 404 pages
* Lots of other minor bug fixes

— -

Hidden Settings

These settings don’t have any UI but could be modified from your terminal. These are experimental features and might have performance costs associated with them. Unless you absolutely have to, don’t change these settings.

* Scale preview based on the editor’s font size — `scalePreview` — (bool)
* First line indent — `editorFirstLineIndent` (int)
* iOS style self-hiding vertical scrollers for editor — `enableAutoHideScrolling` (bool)
* Change auto-save duration — `autoSaveDurationInSeconds` (int)

To change these settings you need to do something like:

$ defaults write com.42squares.LightPaper autoSaveDurationInSeconds -int 180

Just the Beginning

I’ve got lots of new ideas for upcoming versions of LightPaper. So stay tuned!

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