How HoloLens Might Make Me Less Dumb

I still make the same dumb mistakes and yes I shouldn’t need a device to smarten me up. I am diabetic and recently left my insulin home on a trip about an hour away. I was presenting Microsoft’s HoloLens to a group of educators and just before my talk I started to feel my glucose was high. This makes it hard for me to think, focus, see, talk and even walk. I didn’t forget my laptop or HoloLens and even brought backups of my presentation in case my laptop failed. But no insulin? When will I learn?

HoloLens might one day help me with my lack of good judgement in regards to my health. It is a device which you wear on your head and it creates the illusion of placing 3D holograms in the real world. But it also can “see” the real world too. It can recognize real world items and react based on what it sees.

In my case of forgetting my insulin it could have known I didn’t take a shot just by noting every time it sees the insulin bottle in my hands. If I had my appointment and location in my calendar it could have warned me before I left that I didn’t pick up my insulin pen before leaving the house. It could even recognize what food I am making for a meal and recommend the proper dosage of insulin. Drinking orange juice? HoloLens would warn me immediately that I’d better prepare for it.

The reason HoloLens would be great for this is you can’t ignore it. It displays information right in front of your eyes. The current form factor doesn’t allow for wearing it all day long but in the future it will be and then maybe, just maybe, it will make me a little less dumb.

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