I was wrong. I am sorry.

These words. They can not be said in public.

Let’s start over. Let’s talk it out. I think I may have done something wrong. I think I may have misinterpreted you. Can we work it out?

To show “weakness”, concern, sympathy or empathy is a universal sign of weakness.

To show aggression. To show force. To show might. To not back down. These are traits to look up to and admire.

To die righteously for a cause and kill others while doing it. Hell, that one gets you bonus points in all the major religions of the west!

It has been proven time and time again that in small groups, and one on one, getting someone to talk and to listen deescalates a situation.

Why does the (old time — not the new knock down all doors for a gram of weed) SWAT team always call in the negotiator? They do it to deescalate the situation, stop the violence and end the hurt.

What happens when we drop bombs on people or go in guns blazing? Oh, I don’t know — ISIS, Waco, Clive Bundy and his happy militia.

Everyday. Every minute is a chance to decide not to harm someone. Every day is a chance to say I am sorry for what I have done. Every day is a chance to say, I forgive you for what you have done.

I am sorry if I don’t choose to today. Hopefully I will choose to tomorrow. Hopefully someone else will too.

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