Larpenteur and Fry

This is where a man was shot dead last night by a peace officer.

Less than a mile from my house. We were sleeping or playing or eating or doing something that did not involve being shot by a peace officer.

Larpenteur and Fry — this is where I take Calvin to buy flowers for his mamma.

Did I mention that last night a peace officer shot a black man in a car with a woman and child right there? You may have heard about it on the news. It’s sad to say that by the time this is read it will probably happen again.

Larpenteur and Fry — in 7 weeks thousands of visitors will go past this corner to go to the State Fair. Fair goers will, just like last year, complain about the protesters. I wonder though if this year they will know when they sit in traffic on Larpenteur or eat their last cookie walking back to their car on Fry a peace officer shot a man where they are.

A few weeks ago I lamented on how a peace officer treated my child with great respect and fostered good will. I won’t forget this officer and I won’t let Calvin.

I do not believe peace officers go out at night and wonder whom they can shoot. I do believe that a peace officer who fears for their life in every shift is more of a soldier than a peace officer.

Now like last week, last month, and last year is a good time to put these weapons down for a bit and talk about how to make thing better.

When we can get back to serve and protect instead of shoot the bad guy policing maybe then they should get their guns back.