My dear racist friends with whom I grew up in our privileged suburbs, I’m done with your bullshit.

This is not about guilt. This is about concern for how my boy grows up to see and be in the world.

I have been a part of the problem long enough by only rolling my eyes and apologizing for your ignorant rants that up until recently were only stated over a campfire in a backyard or at a bar in our cozy neighborhood. I see I should have been more vocal then because now it turns to email chains, text messages, and disgusting Facebook shares spewing hate (sometimes) disguised as an unfunny picture.

You, like me, grew up with and enjoy a privilege that will only be taken by force so quit your whining about how those without are being helped, how those who are truly marginalized are angry, how your way of life is being destroyed. It’s not and if it is, it’s you who is doing it, not the marginalized people, not the government, and not us damn liberals.

Do you remember when you were picked up for drugs, assault, or your DWI? Which way were you treated?

Considering you are still alive and reading this — I am going to answer for you.

I am not naive. My son is going to grow up as one of the privileged. He will also see and be in situations with ignorant assholes throughout his life. What I have the power to do is to stop apologizing for those people and show him it’s okay to stand up and call out the ignorance as not okay.

That’s what I am choosing to do today and encourage those not offended or hurt by my child raising views to consider breaking the silence and do the same.

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