WWII poster — from http://commons.wikimedia.org/

We’re at war. Things happen.

“But it’s not all right.”

Unfortunately that’s not what was said. What was said was that it happens. The line was said by an actor playing a teenager who justified another who massacred nineteen people while looking for his girl crush on a CW show I just watched. And then it was okay. And more people fought and more people died.

“War is Hell.” — General Sherman.

But we are taught that it is necessary. We are taught that hurting others is the way to a peace. It is so very rare that I have seen this be the case — on a mass or micro scale.

Every day people choose to fight. Every day people choose to kill. Every day people choose to continue to wage violent war against each other. Sometimes it is for something that happened yesterday. Most times it’s for something that happened a long time ago.

We’ve been hearing a lot about choices in the news — “He made a choice to do something illegal, so those are the consequences.” has been said about a man selling loosies on Staten Island. I’m guessing the officer had a choice to also just write him a ticket and be on his way — but he too made a choice. A man who rides in a car that has To Serve and Protect written on the side of it.

I am trying to teach my child about choices. I don’t want to have to teach him about choices that will lead to such dire consequences. I want to teach him that we too can choose to be peaceful. We can choose to be kind. We can choose to help instead of hurt.

It’s not naive to think that if each person choosing to fight, to kill in the name of, chooses to stop and make a different choice that there will be different outcomes, that the world that chooses to be at war will not be.

If we are all products of our choices, let’s start making some more positive ones.