If you don’t try you won’t know if it’ll fly…

  • Not selected for Bursary funding for SEWF2018
  • Crowdfunding not currently a viable option
  • Seeking opportunities for impact $work

My heartfelt congratulations to the 21 Ākina/British Council/DIA SEWF2018 Bursary Fund recipients. They’ll experience Scotland’s thriving social enterprise movement, and legendary hospitality, first-hand.

Along with 90% of applicants, I wasn’t selected for NZ Bursary funding to attend this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum. In my case it was to again be delivering daily digital radio shows via @twicepodcast, in an expanded and developed format from at the previous Forum in Christchurch.

My media partnership with the Edinburgh organisers, in a voluntary capacity to produce daily ‘Morning Report’ style shows, was always subject to securing funding to get there. Notwithstanding a pretty unique perspective on social enterprise from New Zealand, I appreciate my contribution likely didn’t fit neatly within the ‘robust selection criteria’.

What about other funding?

Many suggestions for crowdfunding. While I could prepare, launch, run and generally hustle/hassle to raise funds, there are a few reasons why it’s not near the top of my ‘should’ list:

  • Firstly, time. I simply can’t justify devoting additional time to this project (when I should be searching to secure paid employment*). Also, the Forum is next month, and flights are dramatically more expensive than earlier in the year. In hindsight, it would have been smart to hedge.
  • Secondly, the show already has a monthly [Patreon, US-based] crowdfunding page. My learns there colour thinking for a possible short-notice onshore Pledgeme campaign.
  • Thirdly, asking people to help me $get to Edinburgh to scale good impact stories leaves me uncomfortable with the shift in focus to my efforts, and away from scaling others social enterprise stories, which has always been this projects’ priority.

Support doesn’t always come in financial form (although it’s been critical this last year — huge and grateful thanks to Nick Shewring and all of the BizDojo Wellington team, and select others for their support!). There has been a lot of encouragement and goodwill from a really diverse bunch of listeners and people within Aotearoa and overseas.

However, you can’t eat encouragement.

Building audio expertise in a media format completely new to me three years ago has been quite the journey, with door-opening highs, painful lows and important learns. I’ll cover some of those in the future. Suffice to say, scaling independent digital audio is really, really hard!

Notwithstanding funding miracles/mirages it is unlikely that I’ll be publishing daily shows at this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum. Thanks to everyone who has supported me to here in this admittedly audacious stretch goal of goals.

I’m immensely proud of the independent impact ‘Talks with innovators…’ a.k.a. twice has achieved, supported, contributed to, and developed into. Nearly three years of consistently publishing guests’ impact stories, learns and journeys showcased across nearly a hundred episodes. It has been a privilege to invest time to share unique insights of a developing people-centred movement from Aotearoa.

Seth recently highlighted ‘jumping on the right bus’. Now is also the right time for me to re-evaluate this digital audio journey; as information, circumstances, and sentiments dictate.

Now, where’s that bicycle…

David Binstead

* I’m actively seeking meaningful paid work/contracts/opportunities, and can implement/deliver anything (gnarly/interesting projects preferred) aligned with the right organisational values/mission.
This podcast shows one example of how I can definitely help you scale good stories, via integrating the four main media formats of pictures, video, words and audio into your engagement plans.

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