Blondie — Atomic (The Very Best Of)

Look at the tracklisting of this. It’s ridiculous. There’s not only not a single duff track on it (okay, maybe War Child), but pretty much every single song is an absolute belter. I’m not even sure I could pick a favourite. It would be like choosing my favourite Matthew Le Tissier goal. Some things are just impossible.

I have a feeling this came out around the time Blondie reformed in the late 90s, which puts me in sixth form and the proud owner of a knackered 1984 Nissan Micra, which Jamie christened ‘Old Betsy’. More on her when we get a bit further.

Most of these songs I already knew as my dad had a Blondie compilation with some solo Debbie Harry stuff on it, leading me to buy Parallel Lines when I was older, which is, track for track, one of the best value albums money can buy. I highly recommend buying it if you don’t have it — not only do you get a great album, you also get to be thrifty at the same time. Martin Lewis would approve. I bet he listens to it when driving to the money saving shop.

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