Kat Flint — The Secret Boy’s Club EP

I dimly recall buying this after my friend Hannah put on an acoustic Sunday night gig at The Social some time around 2006, at which Kat Flint played. I’m also pretty sure my friend Bamos, who was DJing afterwards, decided to play Panic! At The Disco at maximum volume afterwards, believing that the gentle mood of pastoral contemplation need shaking up a bit. The plug was pulled shortly afterwards.

I like this EP a lot, particularly the first two tracks. Fearsome Crowd opens with the line ‘In a city where the drunks are dressed in suits worth twice my rent…’ which, as a 25-year old living on 16k a year in London I could most certainly relate to.

It’s a CD that, along with some others, reminds me a lot of exploring London for the first time, meeting new friends (that I still have today) and still having the long-lost ability to get drunk on a Tuesday night and be able to function at work the next day.

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