Journal 2

Looking Up To Someone

Over the years growing up, I never grew up with my real dad. My dad never wanted me and that made him leave my mom so basically when my mom was pregnant she was a single mother, trying to do something to be able to basically help me out. Before I was born, my mom actually got a boyfriend which I find kind of weird but I guess it’s cool. So my mom’s boyfriend actually said that he wanted to be responsible for me and take care of me as if I was his kid. As my mom told me, she said that this brought a lot of happiness into her because she thought that someone would wanna be with a pregnant girl. As time passed by and I was growing up, this guy still cared for me and still helped me out a lot through my life. Raised me as if i was actually a kid of his own. I have always had much respect for this guy just because the fact that not just anyone takes care of someone else’s’ kid like if it was nothing. To me, he never acted like rude or anything. I always saw that he cared for me and took care of me as much as he could. I always thank my mom’s boyfriend for everything he has done for me and hopefully, one day i will be able to pay him back. Might not be able to pay him back everything but I’ll pay him back. This guy is one of the guys that I really respect and admire.