Journal 3 My Gift

Great Friendship

Summer of 2014 is a summer that I will never forget. Especially the day June 9th. Sunny day with a beautiful view and i was just straight cruising down the street. Pushing and kicking as I rolled on the board, fresh cool windy air hitting my whole face and my long hair looking like a mop. As i was about to arrive to my apartments, I looked across the street and I saw this young fella sitting on a swing. I have seen this guy a couple of times before but never really tried to talk to him. He thought they were cooler because they went to Rancho Minerva and I went To Vista Magnet. I decided to try to talk to him so I crossed the street with a little of fear of being rejected or being ignored. When I finally was kind of close to him, he’s the one that started the conversation. Instantly I knew we were gonna click and be friends, some tight friends. I felt comfortable with this guy and I knew that he gave me something very meaningful which was true friendship. Throughout the whole summer this dude and I did some pretty cool things. One thing we did a lot was that we went out to go eat junk food, mexican food, basically any kind of food. We went out to catch spots, to go skate around, sometimes just to see where we would end up. Ever since June 9th 2014 i’ve had some true friendship and that’s something not a lot of people can just give out.